Programs and Initiatives of the Middle East Project

Building a Multicultural Civil Society Alliance
The decades of violence between Israelis and Palestinians has produced tremendous suffering and threatens to explode into full-blown conflict if it is not transformed.  To break the deadlock, the Middle East Peace Civic Forum is building an unprecedented multicultural alliance of leaders and common citizens from civil society, government and communities of faith.  Through this alliance, the Middle East Project, we are sharing our vision of peace in mosques, synagogues and churches, universities, non-government organizations, and on Capital Hill.  As Muslims, Jews, Christians and others who are reaching out for peace, we are being the partners we wish to have.

Facilitating Effective Diplomacy
The United States has a singular ability to facilitate peace among Israelis and Palestinians, but the forces of negativity and fear are strong.  Anticipating a surge of opposition once the peace process gains traction, we are engaging the Obama Administration, the Congress, and the policy community to show broad community support and build awareness of the need for a sustained, multi-level peace process that invites the participation of a broad range of community, civil society and faith leaders.  This effort includes advancing a Congressional Resolution that both applauds the President's commitment to peace and calls for robust civil society participation in the peace process. 

We are organizing hill briefings, press conferences and symposiums to build support for our message of intercultural cooperation for peace and justice.  Recently, we were joined by members of Congress and their staffs at a briefing in the U.S. House of Representatives.  We are also holding educational and cultural events in Washington, DC, and beyond.  This includes a music and dialogue event with our partner organization, Intercultural Journeys.  

In addition, we are organizing a series of multi-level peace conferences that bring together a broad spectrum of voices from civil society, faith, and government communities to build relationships, work together on potential ideas for peace, and advance the diplomatic process.