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Each of us has the opportunity to choose peace.  When enough of us make that choice, peace will become a reality.  The Middle East Project is an alliance of Jews, Muslims, Christians and others who are working together to facilitate the realization of Palestinian-Israeli peace. 

The Middle East Project is a program of the Middle East Peace Civic Forum and its partners, including The J. William and Harriet Fulbright Center, Jerusalem Peacemakers, and the Dialogue Institute at Temple University.  Our intention is to foster a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace in the Middle East.

Our efforts are designed to shift the current context: away from blame and enmity and toward opportunity and cooperation.

We are actively calling for effective diplomacy and working closely with officials at the highest levels of power in Washington and the Middle East.  We are also a much-needed bridge between the civil society and faith leaders on the ground in the Middle East and the diplomatic and policy community in Washington, DC, including the Administration and the Congress.

Grounded in the values of empathy, kindness and pragmatism, we assert that the "blame movement" of the past must be replaced by a new movement of good will, creativity, and constructive engagement among the many stakeholders in the conflict. 

Together, we are creating the world of peace.